3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Corporate AV

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Only three because it doesn’t take any more persuasion to do the right thing! With the vast amount of information circulated among people every minute, it is difficult to get your message across to the right audience. Only the trendy, important and infotaining material has a wider reach. Be it written or video content, people will view and share anything that interests them. However, videos are more likely to be shared and viewed as compared to blogs and articles. So if you want your business to be known by the general public and target audience, get a corporate AV now! If you still aren’t convinced, read on to understand why other companies and start-ups are ploughing their money into company videos of different kinds.

1. Business promotion

Corporate AVs or corporate audio-visual is currently being used as the best way to promote the business. Today, the trend has changed from television marketing to online marketing. Although billboards, newspapers, magazines and television advertisements have an impact, the market requirement and scope has now shifted online. This change in strategy requires companies to keep up in order to not lose out on potential business relationships. Creating a corporate AV narrates your company’s story, mission, vision and achievements in an exciting and interesting manner. A video by itself is very effective in communicating and expressing ideas and concepts. Instead of leaving things to the imagination, a video gets down to every detail and clears any doubt. This method of business promotion gives your company the opportunity to have an interaction of sorts with the audience, enabling the viewer to get a clearer understanding of your company’s existence.

If you are a start-up and needs to be announced in the market, a corporate AV is your best shot. It’ll get your brand the exposure and business relations, by doing the rounds online. Rather than verbally explaining your brand’s concept, you can use the video while pitching to investors and stakeholders and also use them at trade fairs and exhibitions.

2. Employees are consumers too

Much like the consumers, your employees are also accustomed to getting their entertainment, news updates, shopping, bill payments, etc. by the touch of a button. They too want convenience and hassle free services. If your employees are not up-to-date with the latest change in policies and are less informed, don’t be shocked. To avoid this, invest in company training videos as well. If you want engaging employees, it is important to address their needs and preferences. Corporate AVs and training videos prove to be more beneficial and impactful when motivating your staff, training freshers, holding a workshop or seminar, etc. Through a corporate motivational AV, your employees are more stimulated and pumped up. This stimulation gets them working more efficiently into achieving the company’s target.

3. Everyone loves a good story

A story most of the time has a better impression on a person when it is visually narrated. The mind is easily persuaded when it is shown the how, what, who and why. A corporate AV has the power to impress the viewer when narrating the company’s journey. If the viewer has a ‘wow’ moment, you can be sure of your video being shared and becoming trendy. A lot of public and motivational speakers incorporate storytelling in their presentations to be able to connect more with the audience. Even sales and marketing teams combine storytelling when promoting a product or service to turn an audience into a potential customer.

And there you have it! Three simple reasons why it is beneficial and important to get a corporate AV for your company or start-up. Make the best of technology and social media to get your business higher up the ladder. Contact us to fire up your business relations. With our state-of-the-art resources and love for video-making, we know just how to make you shine.

Amit Thaker is not only the Founder of Buzz Creatix but also a vivid writer. Leading his creative agency which also has a reputation of being one of the leading corporate video productions in Mumbai, he has varied expertise spanning across domains. Gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Film-making at London College of Communications, he has accrued a wealth of experience in corporate and explainer video making catering to several top corporate across industries.